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Sleep Diagnostics Center

Helping you get the sleep you need for a healthy life.

The Sleep Diagnostics Center’s experienced and highly skilled sleep professionals provide our patients and partners with the best possible support and guidance. Whether you are a patient or healthcare provider, we invite you to review the information below to learn more about sleep, sleep disorders, or opportunities to grow your practice.

In partnership with Family Sleep Diagnostics.  

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The Sleep Diagnostics Center is proud to feature:

  • Insurance – We accept all insurance plans except Medicaid.
  • Insurance verification – We do all prior authorizations and appeals if denied.  Simply fax the signed referral form, clinical notes, patient demographics, and insurance card.  We will then fax back a received confirmation, with any missing information requested.
  • Physicians can interpret their own studies – or choose another physician to interpret.
  • Registered Polysomnographers – We have the highest number of (RPSGTs_ per bed in DFW.
  • Patient Compliance and Hygiene – We can increase patient compliance from 50% to 85% and improve equipment hygiene dramatically.  Statistics show that 50% of CPAP users are non-compliant if not properly educated and frequently contacted.   Many patients fail to replace their mask, filer and hose, at the recommended time unless reminded.  Our DME coordinators will call each patient monthly for sleep and equipment evaluation.  This improves patient compliance and hygiene.  If you compare our patients to patients that used another sleep lab in 1 year’s time, the difference is huge – 35% higher compliance, new masks, filters and hoses.  We also provide monthly updates of patient sleep studies performed, scheduled or declined.
  • Respironics Equipment – Considering the patient will use this equipment everyday for the next 5 years, we spared no expense.  Our high quality, compact CPAP machines are the quietist and easiest the breathe on, in the market.  After the initial set up, we will exchange patient’s masks at no additional charge until the patient is completely satisfied.  At other labs and equipment companies each mask costs about $150 to $200.  We can download compliancy reports from the patient’s equipment.  This eliminates all doubts about how the equipment is being used.  Our superior equipment makes any extra travel distance worthwhile.
  • Fast Equipment Set Up – The patient may be fitted, trained and set up with their CPAP equipment within 2 business days after we receive a signed DME, CMN – no more waiting!

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