Spine Program at Texas Health Flower Mound
spine program at texas health flower mound

Spine Program at Texas Health Flower Mound

Advanced, Minimally Invasive Treatment

At Texas Health Flower Mound, our spine program is dedicated to identifying life altering conditions and fixing them. Patient safety, comfort and quick rehabilitation are primary objectives.

Our goal is to maximize the use of minimally invasive surgery technology such as intraoperative CT imaging systems and computer-assisted navigation to locate and diagnose the source of cervical and lumbar pain without affecting healthy tissue or unrelated parts of the spine.  We then use the most minimally invasive surgery techniques to get you back to your life as quickly as possible.

We take the time to thoroughly review a patient’s medical history, imaging results and diagnostic tests before recommending any surgical treatment - as most back and neck conditions, if correctly identified and addressed, can be treated without surgery.

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Comfort, Healing Focused Facilities

Spine program patients enjoy our comfortable accommodations during their stay including large private rooms, personal climate controls, personal communication with dietary professionals, and an environment of care that promotes patient interaction and feedback.

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Any number of things can cause back and neck pain, from a pinched nerve to a deteriorated bone, or vertebrae, which holds the spine erect. Arthritis, infection and even cancer may be present. The problem may not center in the bone at all, but in one of the many soft tissue discs cushioning the vertebrae and allowing the unrestricted movement we all require.

In some cases, these conditions can be treated non-surgically with drugs, physical therapy, manipulation and other conservative protocols. Surgery becomes necessary only after all other measures have been exhausted.

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