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Visitor Dos and Don’ts – A Guide for Drama-Free Hospital Visits

Visiting someone in the hospital doesn’t seem like something for which you’d need coaching, does it? But hospitals can be emotionally tricky and sensitive for patients especially when visitors arrive. So if you find yourself planning to pay a visit to a patient, then some of these tips may help keep the visit as pleasant…

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Weight Loss Surgery is Not Just About Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery is a medical option for combating obesity – but losing weight and reversing obesity is not the only benefit. In addition to combating obesity, weight loss surgery also helps a variety of other medical ailments. Depending on which weight loss surgery option a patient selects, the success in countering other health issues…

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How Cold Weather Affects Your Ear, Nose & Throat

As the weather starts to turn cold, many people will begin to experience pain or discomfort in their ears, nose and throat. People often confuse symptoms caused by cold weather with illness or infection (or vice versa). It is important to know how cooler weather can affect your respiratory health. 

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween may be one of your child’s favorite holidays. If you celebrate Halloween, it’s up to you to make it special, fun and memorable, but part of that means keeping your child safe. Here are some tips we suggest you follow this Halloween.

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