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Our onsite radiology team is dedicated to providing prompt and accurate reports to the referring physician. PACS allows our department to communicate seamlessly with any providers or specialists that may need access to your images for diagnosis and treatment.

To ensure accurate results, all imaging services are performed under the supervision of our board-certified radiologists.

Board-certified radiologists are those that have earned recognition by the American Board of Radiology or the American Osteopathic Board of Radiology. This organization recognizes radiologists’ skills and knowledge within a specific area of radiology. Board certification indicates a high level of training and professional excellence.

Importance of having a board-certified radiologist on staff

Having access to a board-certified radiologist on staff provides many benefits, for doctors as well as for patients. They serve a number of functions, including:

Provide expert consultancy services. Radiologists often serve as consultants to doctors, providing input and advice on proper examination procedures and interpreting diagnostic imaging results. These results are often used in developing an appropriate treatment program.

Treat diseases specific procedures. Radiologists may also administer treatment ranging from interventional radiology, which is a minimally-invasive, therapeutic procedure, to radiation oncology.

Perform diagnostic imaging. In addition to performing diagnostic imaging, radiologists may be tasked with correlating diagnostic results with the results of other examinations.

Make specific recommendations. When necessary, radiologists may recommend further examination or treatment to the referring physician.

Provide guidance for radiologic technologists. Part of the radiologist’s role is to provide direction to the radiologic technologists that actually operate the radiologic equipment. This ensures the proper administration of examination procedures.

Diagnostic Imaging:

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