Texas Health Flower Mound Emergency Services

When the unexpected occurs, people need to have immediate access to emergency care. Oftentimes, the availability of emergency medical care could spell the difference between life and death.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital offers a wide variety of emergency medical care services aimed at preventing further injury and reducing pain and discomfort. These services are intended to stabilize the patient’s condition and increase the chances of a complete recovery.

Texas Health Presbyterian offers these services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hospital is staffed by board-certified ER physicians, as well as experienced and highly-trained nurses and paramedics. These medical professionals are fully prepared to provide the quality services required in the event of a medical emergency.


Triage services

In line with its goal of providing the highest quality emergency care, Texas Health Presbyterian implements a triage process that prioritizes patient care and treatment based on the urgency of their condition. The “first-come, first served” policy doesn't apply in an emergency scenario, ensuring that patients that need immediate attention will get priority over patients with less urgent requirements.

Texas Health Presbyterian’s triage rooms further enable the assessment of several patients at the same time. This results in more timely treatment and intervention.


State-of-the-art emergency rooms and hospital facilities

Apart from expedient services, emergency care patients require the most advanced medical facilities available. Texas Health Presbyterian maintains state-of-the-art emergency rooms that provide the level of quality care that patients need at a crucial period.

Texas Health Presbyterian’s emergency rooms and facilities are designed for comfort and convenience as well as quality care. All rooms are private and equipped with free television and Wi-Fi.

Hospital emergency room staff works in collaboration with other medical care facilities to provide the highest quality of service. This partnership ensures the expedient transfer of patients requiring services beyond the scope of Texas Health Presbyterian. The transfer process itself has been streamlined to ensure that patients continue to get the care and attention they need throughout the process.


Experienced Staff for Patients Arriving by Ambulance

Texas Health Presbyterian also has experienced intake staff for patients arriving by ambulance. A team of well-trained emergency care professionals are standing by to accept patients for any emergency. Proper and efficient intake ensures that patients have the immediate care they need and that can get a more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.


Texas Health Presbyterian has partnered with all the major local and national insurance providers. Nevertheless, patients are advised to determine the extent of their insurance plans and which facilities and services they have access to.