Emergency Lessons for Kids

Lesson 1) How to Call 911 and What to Say

Sounds easy - right? Well, not so much to a child.

Emergencies can occur at any time, which means children may be present during the event or accident and should be prepared. In some cases, children may be the only ones to reach out for help by contacting emergency workers if an adult is unconscious or not present. It’s important that kids of all ages are prepared for an emergency and know the right steps to take.

Have a talk with your kids

Parents need to sit down with kids to discuss what classifies as an emergency to ensure that children know when and how to seek help. They’ll need to know the right situations where calling 911 is necessary, which includes if there’s a fire, a medical emergency, or a break-in.

Additional circumstances of when to call 911 include if there’s a serious car accident, someone is choking, or an individual becomes unconscious after an accident due to drugs or alcohol.


Make sure they know what to say when calling 911

When contacting 911, it’s important that kids know the necessary information to provide and questions that they’ll be asked by the dispatch operator. They should be capable of providing their full name, address, and explain the details of the situation. Instruct them to remain calm and practice making the call periodically as a refresher.

The details that need to be provided can also be placed in a central location in the home or on a child’s ID bracelet to ensure that they can use it if necessary. You’ll also want to show them how to call 911 from a locked mobile device to ensure that the call can be completed.

911 is not a joke or a game

Kids should also understand that calling 911 as a joke is a crime and is prohibited. In an emergency, they need to be in a safe and secure location before they make the call.