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Epilepsy and Seizure Treatment Center, Flower Mound, TX

The Texas Health Flower Mound Epilepsy center specializes in managing and treating seizure disorders to maintain health and quality of life.

Monitoring Center

Our state of the art Epilepsy & Seizure Monitoring Center is the latest development of services provided to patients. An EEG monitoring process allows our on site neurologist and team to identify and address specific needs of each patient during the diagnostic process.


Treatment and Education

Patients obtain an individual treatment plan that can include therapy and medication. The center also provides education to patients to help understand conditions and are coached how to live an optimal, healthy life with epilepsy and seizure disorders. With the expertise of an on staff neurologist, patients are closely monitored in an environment that promotes patient interaction and feedback.

Caring Environment

The team at our facility work to provide a caring and compassionate setting where patients can feel at ease as they’re evaluated and treated. We’re committed to providing access to quality care and disease management.

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Epilepsy & Seizure Treatment Center

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