Healing Environment

A healing and comfort-based environment has been shown to be linked to a person's real or perceived ability to determine outcome and make positive choices.

At Texas Health Flower Mound, our goal is to create a comfort focused, healing environment for patients, their support network and hospital staff and physicians.

Factors such as space, lighting, use of color schemes, acoustics, noise levels, and smells can all have an impact on the wellbeing and mood of the individual. Not only has this been proven to increase recovery times.

Family and friends are essential supports for the patient's healing process. Support from loved one’ not only have a positive effect on patients emotionally, but also physically, as they can help patients understand physicians' instructions and provide another level of oversight.


“Best Place to Work” Equals “Best Place to be a Patient”

Creating a positive work environment for staff and physicians is proven to increase productivity and generate a higher quality of care for patients. We take this concept seriously. For the last 5 years, Texas Health Flower Mound has been awarded “Best Place to Work” designations by multiple healthcare industry organizations.

Safety is a Priority

Making patient safety a visible priority demonstrates our commitment to patient care. We not only abide by but make priority policies and procedures to enforce patient safety best practices. Read THFM’s “Quality and Patient Safety Report Card”

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