Epilepsy & Pregnancy

Epilepsy and Pregnancy

The specialized epilepsy and seizure team at our center provides a high level of care to patients who are diagnosed with epilepsy and are pregnant. At Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Flower Mound, our state of the art center includes the latest EEG monitoring equipment to aid in treatment. The team works closely with each patient ideally before, during and after pregnancy.


Specialized Team

Our team of professionals includes board-certified Dr. Deborah Cantrell, MD, a specialist in epilepsy and seizure disorders, specifically with the treatment of pregnant women.

The compassionate and caring team at our facility uses the most advanced treatment methods to improve the outcome of having a healthy baby. Each patient has an individual treatment plan, which often includes specific medications and doses, which may need to change or are adjusted during the pregnancy.


Individualized Treatment

Our team closely monitors each patient for continued control of seizures and reduction in symptoms. With expertise and knowledge, we take the necessary measures to lower the risks of complications. Frequent visits with the neurology team are often scheduled to improve the health of the mother.

Contact Texas Health Flower Mound today to learn more about the comprehensive services available to pregnant women who are diagnosed with epilepsy. You can schedule a consultation and have your needs met by the qualified healthcare professionals.

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