Epilepsy Treatment Team

Epilepsy & Seizure Treatment Team

The Epilepsy and Seizure team at the Texas Health Flower Mound Epilepsy and Seizure Center offers comprehensive care and treatment to patients who have been diagnosed with epilepsy or seizures.

State-of-the-art technology is available for an accurate diagnosis and monitoring in an advanced facility. Patients receive high-quality care by the specially trained staff as they assist with an advanced EEG monitoring process.

Dr. Deborah Cantrell

Board Certified Neurologist Dr. Deborah Cantrell, MD leads the advanced team to high quality of care provided to patients as a specialist in epilepsy and seizure disorders.

A graduate of the University of Texas Medical Branch where she also completed her neurology residency, she is the director of the epilepsy and seizure treatment center at Texas Health Flower Mound and also the current vice president of the North Texas Neuroscience Center.

Dr. Cantrell specializes in epilepsy and seizure disorders, epilepsy and pregnancy, women’s issues with seizure disorders, head injury and general neurology.


Patient Care and Support

After the team completes the diagnostic process, patients receive an individualized treatment plan to manage disorders and minimize effects. Through this phase, patient care and emotional support is a priority. Our focus it to provide a high level of compassion and care in a safe setting to help patients improve their health and well-being.

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Epilepsy & Seizure Treatment Center

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