Women Specific Treatment

Women Specific Issues and Seizure Disorders

At Texas Health Flower Mound, our qualified team of specialists are skilled in providing expert care to women who need treatment for issues related to seizure disorders. We’ve recently expanded our services to provide seizure monitoring services at the Epilepsy & Seizure Monitoring Center to better serve our patients.


Women Specific Care

Women who have been diagnosed with epilepsy require close monitoring by a team of specialists, particularly during pregnancy. Epilepsy can affect women differently due to hormonal, menstural cycles, and menopause.

With each life stage, the symptoms and severity of epilepsy can change, which makes the proper treatment necessary to maintain their health and minimize symptoms and the frequency of seizures.


Personalized Treatment

Individual treatment plans are created for each patient depending on the severity of their disorder and their history. Treatment often includes medications with doses that may be adjusted, specifically during pregnancy. Proper monitoring is necessary to improve the outcome for the mother and baby while reducing the risks involved.

Dedicated Staff

The dedicated staff and neurologist at the treatment center work to keep each patient informed and educated throughout the process to ensure they can manage their health and work closely with healthcare professionals. The caring and compassionate team has each patient’s best interest in mind and values both interaction and feedback.

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