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Four Fast Facts: Get Mentally Prepared for Weight Loss Surgery With These Tips

Are you a candidate for weight loss surgery? Find out here:

Even if you do qualify for weight loss surgery, there are some specific preparations that must go into this life-changing decision, beyond just your age, BMI or medical history. And while weight loss surgery will change your appearance through medical means, getting the surgery is just one step along the journey – a journey that is as much mental and psychological as it is physical.

Here are four fast facts to get you mentally prepared for weight loss surgery and what’s to come:

1. Get The House Ready: Prepare for your post-WLS life by taking foods that are temptations out of the house. Make your pantry and refrigerator healthier first, and you’ll be healthier after.

2. Begin Changing Your Daily Lifestyle: Exercise and diet are important both before and after weight loss surgery. It doesn’t have to be a lot – it could be as simple as arm lifts and leg lifts in a chair, cutting out soda and drinking more water. While these are physical elements to get you ready for surgery, it’s also a mentality – and one you’ll be happy you started before your actual surgery.

3. Start Thinking About What Contributes To Your Weight Beyond Hunger – It’s important to drill down on what factors go into what makes you “hungry” beyond physical hunger. Think physiological – are you a stress eater? Even if many elements to your obesity are out of your control, if you can start to unlock some causes that are within your control, you’ll be able to push them out after your surgery.

4. Remember WLS Isn’t A Magic Wand: If you were struggling with your finances or your marriage before your weight loss surgery, or you hated your job, know that weight loss surgery will not magically fix what was ailing you beyond your health. Maybe the surgery can be a contributing factor to mental well-being, but WLS isn’t a magic wand that can solve all your problems – and the mental hurdles that are to come after surgery will be a challenge as well.

Learn more about weight loss surgery, and the options for your WLS journey at Texas Health Flower Mound, by talking to our journey Navigator, Sharon Hillgartner.