Rehabilitation Services

Restoring Mobility and Independence

Our comprehensive facility offers rehabilitation services to help patients regain their mobility and independence to return to a healthy life. Rehabilitation may be necessary after suffering from an injury, accident, or undergoing surgery.

Our physical therapists and doctors monitor and treat patients with dedicated care plans which are provided to help each patient return to a full life. We offer large rooms and personal care to ensure that our patients are well-cared for and feel comfortable with the services they receive.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a healthcare specialty that involves evaluating, assessing, and treating patients once they have a lack of mobility or function due to surgery, illness or an injury.

Physical therapy at Texas Health Flower Mound includes balance training, gait/mobility, strengthening, endurance, and range of motion. A variety of treatment modalities and techniques are used by our certified professionals to help each patient regain their independence and maximum functional mobility.

We provide services to help each person recover quickly and safely while addressing each individual patient for post discharge needs.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy includes assisting patients with improving their ability to dress, groom, and bathe independently with the use of equipment and techniques that have proven to be effective.

The Texas Health Flower Mound rehabilitation team also offers home safety and home management services. The therapy includes memory and problem-solving skills related to daily routines to help patients regain their independence. Those with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities can benefit from the therapy with the therapeutic use of daily activities.


Speech Therapy

The Texas Health Presbyterian Flower Mound rehabilitation center provides speech therapy for patients with language-related issues.

Speech therapy works to treat articulation/fluency, as well as speech language cognition. It also incorporates memory/problem solving and swallow studies/oral feeding. The therapy can include modulating tone of voice, strengthening the muscles in the mouth and jaw, and making clearer speech sounds. Our speech therapists and speech-language pathologists assist the patient in new ways of doing tasks and creating a treatment plan after an initial assessment and evaluation.

Early speech therapy is the first phase, which includes attempting to get a response from the individual. The speech therapist may also teach family members how to interact with the patient as they regain their verbal communication.

Social abilities may also need to be learned again. Individuals who have difficulty swallowing correctly will practice learning how to breathe while eating or drinking.

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