Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is provided by our rehabilitation team at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Flower Mound, TX, to help patients regain their mobility and independence. A full range of inpatient services are available to ensure that each patient receives the full care they need, and occupational therapy and speech therapy are also available.


Balance Training

Balance training is a key component of physical therapy which allows patients to improve their coordination and mobility. Balance exercises are performed with certified professionals who are movement experts and can assist patients in improving their balance to restore safe functional mobility. Patients who can benefit from balance training include individuals who have fallen, people with vertigo, older adults with limited functional mobility, patients with neurological conditions, those who have had surgery, and athletes who are injured.



Gait training is a form of physical therapy that improves each patient’s ability to walk and stand. Individuals who benefit from gait training are those who have suffered from an injury or illness that can affect their mobility. The therapy can improve the ability to walk, even if an adaptive device is needed.



Physical therapy includes strengthening different areas of the body that have limited function or movement. Strengthening certain limbs or muscles can allow the patient to regain their mobility and independence with exercises that they can perform. It can include a combination of aerobic conditioning and stretching. Maintaining proper body alignment and working through the full range of motion can allow specific muscles to be isolated to increase their strength.



Endurance is often affected after prolonged hospitalization or surgical operation, which requires physical therapy. This includes various exercises and activities that are performed under the supervision of our rehabilitation team. Breathing exercises and healthy diets are often recommended for improving endurance along side the activities.


Range of Motion

Range of motion can be affected by a lack of exercise after surgery or due to an injury that has occurred. Range of motion exercises are an important component of physical therapy and measure how much movement the patient has on specific joints or areas of the body. It is often used by physical therapists during a course of treatment or evaluation. The range of motion is often measured with a goniometer. Correcting and restoring range of motion is performed with passive range of motion exercises, active-assistive range of motion exercises, and active range of motion exercises.

Our physical therapy programs are designed to improve patients’ mobility and function, and to restore their independence and maintain the results that are obtained.

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