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Benefits of Robotic Hernia Repair

Many patients who undergo robotic hernia surgery benefit from a much faster recovery time than is required after open surgery. In fact, it’s possible to leave the hospital the same day as the procedure.

Patients also experience less pain and discomfort due to the precise nature of the procedure and the smaller instruments. Robotic hernia surgery is also more effective at preventing a hernia from happening again in the future.

robotic hernia surgery

Inguinal Hernias

Inguinal hernias are very common and occur when intestinal tissue pushes through the abdominal muscles. This can result in pain and discomfort, especially when bending over or coughing. While the hernia itself isn’t dangerous, it can cause other health complications. This is why they need to be treated by a doctor right away.

Surgery is the only option for inguinal hernias. During the procedure, a doctor repairs the weak area in the abdominal muscle and may sometimes need to apply mesh to ensure a hernia doesn’t occur in the future.

Minimally Invasive Solutions

At Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Flower Mound, our doctors specialize in minimally invasive, robotic hernia surgery using the da Vinci System.

If you need hernia surgery and want to learn more about a robotic-assisted option, a specialist at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Flower Mound can help. Together, you and your physician can determine if this type of minimally invasive surgery is right for you or if you should consider other treatment options.

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