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Our team of specialists at Texas Health Flower Mound are skilled in treating a wide range of knee conditions with multiple types of treatments and surgeries performed. When the body isn’t capable of fully healing after suffering from a disorder or injury, our experts step in to restore the affected area and improve the strength and mobility of the patient.


Knee joint replacement surgeries is a surgical procedure performed to resurface areas of a knee that have been affected by arthritis. The ends of the bones that form the knee joint are capped with the use of metal and plastic parts. Patients who are diagnosed with severe arthritis or have suffered from a debilitating knee injury are candidates for knee replacement surgery. A physical therapist will then work closely with the patient and provide an exercise program to improve the range of motion following the procedure. The physical therapy will continue until the patient regains muscle strength and mobility.


Our team is highly trained and specialized in the latest advancements in the industry and treats patients in a state-of-the-art facility to improve their outcomes. The medical professionals offer a high level of individualized care in a compassionate setting. Treatment plans may include a total knee replacement, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, weight loss, and limiting physical activities.

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