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Minimally Invasive / Laparoscopic Focused

Our team of medical professionals and experts at Texas Health Flower Mound are qualified and skilled in performing Laparoscopic surgery for patients. Individuals who need joint replacement on different areas of the body can find relief with the advanced medical treatment provided by our compassionate staff.

The experts at our facility provide minimally invasive surgery for joints that are injured or have deteriorated. This allows the muscle and tissue surrounding the joint to be protected while repairing the damage. Two small 1.5 inch incisions are made on the front and back of the hip compared to five to 10 inch incisions that are created with traditional hip replacement surgery.


The minimally invasive surgery also allows the patient to only spend an average of one to two days in the hospital following the surgery compared to three or four days with the traditional approach. The total recovery time following the procedure is also reduced to four weeks compared to eight weeks. Less pain and discomfort for the patient is an additional advantage of the more advanced procedure.

Our highly trained physician specialists use the most advanced equipment in the industry to perform the surgeries and improve patient outcomes. The evidence based care provided allows patients to receive the treatment they deserve and experience a quicker recovery process when other treatment methods have proven to be unsuccessful.


Contact Texas Health Flower Mound today to learn more about how our team of medical specialists is here to help. Our minimally invasive surgeries and procedures are effective in restoring damaged or injured joints for improved mobility.

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