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Robotic Weight Loss Surgery

Robotic assisted weight loss surgery utilizing a da Vinci robot at Texas Health Flower Mound could be a good alternative to open or even laparoscopic surgery, particularly if health or an existing condition makes such procedures risky. Your doctor will discuss all available options with you and make a recommendation as to whether or not you are a good candidate for robotic surgery.

Benefits of Robotic Weight Loss Surgery

  • Shorter hospitalization
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Faster recovery time and return to normal activities
  • Smaller incisions, resulting in reduced risk of infection
  • Reduced blood loss and transfusions
  • Minimal scarring

Some patients are not good candidates for robotic surgery like those not able to go under general anesthesia, patients that have scar tissue or some other blockage that obstructs the view of the camera, patients that have cirrhosis or other advanced liver conditions, or patients that have bleeding-related issues..

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What to Expect

Robotic weight loss surgery typically involves the use of the da Vinci surgical system, a surgical robot fitted with miniature surgical instruments on three robotic arms. These components enable surgeons to perform very precise methods with a full range of motion and precision. The da Vinci also has a fourth arm which has a high-definition 3D camera. This enables the surgeon to see the area being operated on.

In the operating room, there is a console from which the surgeon operates the instruments and the camera. The master controls enable the surgeon to manipulate all four arms of the machine at the same time. There is also a high-definition monitor from which the surgeon can see the area being operated on.

The movements of the robot are controllable to a very precise degree. The scale of movement can even be modified according to the surgeon's requirements. The console itself allows for the optimum alignment of the surgeon’s eyes and hands and view of the surgery area. This helps minimize fatigue.

Robotic Weight Loss Surgery


Robotic weight loss surgery essentially gives surgeons a great degree of control over an open or even a laparoscopic procedure. This makes it possible to perform complex surgical procedures with very small incisions meaning higher success rates, less discomfort, shorter recovery times.

If you need weight loss surgery and want to learn more about a robotic-assisted option, a specialist at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Flower Mound can help. Together, you and your physician can determine if this type of minimally invasive surgery is right for you or if you should consider other treatment options.

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