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Mammograms and 3D Imaging

The Women’s Imaging Center at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Flower Mound, TX, offers advanced mammography services to patients to screen for breast cancer and breast related issues with a variety of advanced technology and 3D imaging.


CAD 3D Mammograms and 3D Imaging

The Women’s Imaging Center incorporates advanced mammography technology including CAD (computer-aided detection) and 3D images for a high level of accuracy. Mammography uses low-energy x-rays for early breast cancer detection before women begin to experience any symptoms.

3D Breast Tomography Imaging is used at the Center, which involves the use of an x-ray “arm” that takes multiple images of each breast at various angles and combines them into a three-dimensional computerized model. It only takes 15 minutes to perform for results delivered quickly.

This 3D imaging allows the radiologist to have more accuracy evaluating breast tissue during the screening to improve detection of breast cancer that may be present. It also prevents the need for follow-up imaging.

The radiologist reviews the digital images produced during the screening mammogram and then consults with the patient or their doctor and provides pertinent or critical information before leaving the facility. Result letters are also sent to the individual by mail within seven to 10 business days.



Diagnostic ultrasounds are also performed by radiologists at the Center. This medical imaging technique makes use of inaudible sound waves to visualize tissues and organs in the body.

Non-Invasive Biopsies

Stereotactic biopsies are also used for early breast cancer detection to pinpoint the specific area of a breast mass. Once exact coordinates are obtained through 3D imaging, a biopsy is then taken, which offers a less invasive and more exact approach than exploratory surgical biopsies.

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