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Due to precautions being taken for COVID-19,  all Texas Health in-person childbirth education classes are cancelled and offered online until further notice.
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For expectant parents, the staff at Texas Health Flower Mound is passionate about providing resources with childbirth to prepare for a baby’s arrival with the comprehensive healthcare services available. Patients can enroll in childbirth classes, which offers an overview of the birth process, labor support techniques, birth options and medications.

Parents can also receive information on prenatal nutrition and learn about proper weight gain, eating a well-balanced diet and specific foods and beverages to avoid during pregnancy. The staff at the facility offers thorough information and resources to improve the outcome of delivering a healthy baby and protecting the health of the mother.


Patients who are equipped with baby education techniques and tools can feel more prepared for giving birth and providing proper care to the infant while working closely with registered nurses and medical professionals. Women can also enroll in breastfeeding classes that are available, which helps mothers learn how to produce more milk, as well as a father’s role for working moms who plan to breastfeed. Baby care and CPR classes are also available.

Our team is committed to providing quality care in a compassionate and safe setting that allows patients to have the necessary tools and information to welcome a new baby.

Contact Texas Health Flower Mound today to learn more about or sign up for childbirth and baby education classes that are available if you’re expecting. We’re here to help you with each step of the process.

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